Huntz Liu - Untitled

    STRAAT Museum Huntz Liu - Untitled



    Huntz Liu (1981, Taiwan)

    Huntz Liu is a Taiwanese-American artist who works primarily with cut and layered paper. He lives and works in Los Angeles. “My work deals with the layering and removal of material,” Huntz says. “It presents a visual language that unflattens two-dimensional forms and gives weight to line and edge.” Each composition is comprised of meticulously cut shapes on different planes, reveling in both the layering of material and the absence of material. By embracing negative space, Liu creates line and shadow, building an image that is so much more than each of its individual parts. The compositions strive for a perfect balance, embracing the chaos of the shapes and colors. As Liu describes it, “this is a reflection of the perfect sphere we live upon and the chaos of the layers confined within.”


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