Darbotz - Survival of the Fittest

    STRAAT Museum Darbotz - Survival of the Fittest



    Darbotz (1981, Indonesia)

    Darbotz is an Indonesian graffiti artist based in Jakarta. His visualization style is distinctive and unique. He has a strategy for his color choice, which solely emphasizes his use of blacks and whites. He believes that black and white balances out the urban setting’s festive colors coming from billboards, neon boxes, and city lights. By using monochromatic colors, his artwork could stand out amongst the immense visual density. His style reflects the dynamic of urban society because it continually evolves. Through his works, he learned to accept his reality of living in an urban society like Jakarta and further explore the beauty behind the madness. He develops a visual characteristic that reflects his identity, which is easily recognized without putting his name in his artworks.


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