Moniker Art: Contemporary art rooted in Urban Culture

    Moniker Moniker Art: Contemporary art rooted in Urban Culture




    mon·ick·er / [ mon-i-ker ]

    a person’s name, especially a nickname or alias.

    “In the street art world everyone is equal and they don’t wait for official approval. They are artists in every sense of the word, whether they are painting in their own backyard or a huge illegal mural on the street for all the world to see.” Frankie Shea

    “Moniker Art Fair has caused a stir internationally by providing an art fair environment for the sort of work normally overlooked by the traditional art world.” Katie Antoniou, Run-Riot

    This groundbreaking platform dismantles the elitist barriers prevalent in the art world, offering artists an unbiased space to showcase their creations. This book reflects on Moniker’s impressive saga, from upstart art fair to critical support infrastructure for the urban art community. For that next generation of artistic outsiders, those who are pounding at the gates to be let in, Moniker can act as an inspiration. Few have done as much as Moniker to position urban art as accessible, historically significant, and exciting.

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