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Straat Museum

SellFable - Carbon Console (signed)

The Carbon Console chronicles SellFable’s building of the immersive, multidisciplinary Machine Relic art installation in 2020. Signed book, 210 x 297 mm (A4) Edition of 15. Pages: 112
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Carbon Console is a SellFable Machine Relic, exhibited in the Amsterdam STRAAT Museum. An immersive, multidisciplinary art installation, emanating light and sound. It’s a portal that will carry the visitor away like an ancient sailing ship, towards unknown shores: anywhere but here. Whether it is experienced as a portal, a chapel, a mausoleum, a refuge, or something altogether different, is up to us. Its true purpose is open to our own interpretation and imagination.
The structure has elements of machinery, ropes, masts, sails and a banner, bring to mind old sailing ships, a small factory, and perhaps a teleporting device. Something from a parallel universe. Images of robot guardians on the sides, are cut out of the material and glow with the rhythm of the soundscapes.
Once inside, the room captivates and immerses us with ever changing soundscapes and lights. We experience the machine coming to life, and it does what it was meant to do: transport us to that other universe: SellFable. View more SellFable projects.

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