Jaque Fragua - Rubber Republic (Good Year)

    STRAAT Museum Jaque Fragua - Rubber Republic (Good Year)



    Jaque Fragua is an indigenous artist, musician, and activist, whose work features visions drawn from traditional Native American design, ceramics, textiles, tattoos, song, dance, and more. Fragua authentically reimagines his culture’s iconography and genius, which conceptually subverts our overconsumption of misappropriated Native American identity. He hails from Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico.

    “Art has always been a struggle for me. I relate this struggle to the angst of my identity. My identity is not just rooted in Native American culture.Instead, I find myself an amalgam of DNAs, historical trauma, boarding schools, civil rights, Alcatraz, American dreams, urbanization, reservation tragedy, creative triumph, war stories, fist fights, jail time, racial profiling, mixed opinions, hiphop, punk, rock & roll, jazz, graffiti, tattoos, dark brown skin, long black hair, spiritual wisdom, traditional knowledge, direct action, and painting...“

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