Carl KENZ - Yang  Signed print

    STRAAT Museum Carl KENZ - Yang Signed print


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    Carl KENZ - Yang Signed print


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      YANG . Giclee Print (Fine Art Print) . Framed: 50 x 70 cm . 230g Professional Matt Paper . Limited Edition of 33 .
      signed, numbered & embossed by the Artist . incl. Certificate Of Authenticity . 2021 . Carl KENZ


      A shady place and a sunny hill, polar natural forces, or the origin of all things? Yin and Yang are defined as two complementary principles of Chinese philosophy. Their interaction is supposed to maintain the harmony of the universe and influence everything in it. They stand for polar opposing and yet related dual forces or principles that do not conflict, but complement instead. A cosmic principle that holds up a mirror to human existence. Peace and rebellion are two other principles which, globally and cognitively, tend to fight rather than complement each other. Freedom, happiness and contentment are not the cause but the consequence of both global and inner peace, out of which a well-founded, unclouded external rebellion can grow and emerge. A rebellion of nature against the human species is probably the manchineel tree which contains strong toxins. While the leaves secrets a toxic milky sap that is irritating to the skin and eyes, poisonous gases develop when the tree burns which can lead to total blindness and its fruits are deadly of course. Rebellion or peace, Yin or Yang or both together combined in one?


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      • 5 / 5By Christine Stern 10 / May / 2023

        I like this principle and the tentacules ideas of flora and fauna and marine life ready to rebell against mankind yet in piece, ying and yang, of nature and humans! Hopefully the nature will win its growth over the destruction of our lifestyle !

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