Antigoon - — LIGATURE #5 (ORANGE)

    STRAAT Gallery Antigoon - — LIGATURE #5 (ORANGE)



    Antigoon makes machines that apply patterns with markers, spray cans and other materials. The result is inhumanly perfect and geometric. Yet you see the signs of materials that are actually made for humans: dripping paint, pressed crayons and pencil marks.

    Antigoon is an alias, derived from his formerly used graffiti tag. His process always starts with the technical side and with his self built graphical machinery. He is fascinated by the marriage of the technical and the aesthetic. He feeds his machines with all kinds of raw data, socially contentious content not precluded.

    The artist enters in what he refers to as a “dance with the machines”. Like graffiti in the city, the roaring big machinery of the self-inflicted human habitat.

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